Art and Design

Art and Design

Career Options

  • Game designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Industrial designer
  • Interior designer or decorator
  • Advertising or packaging designer
  • Visual artist
  • Animator
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Arts worker

I undertook an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design at The Gordon to formalise my self-taught skills and knowledge, advance my skills in the field and gain new perspectives from collaborating with trainers and peers.

The course was indeed the perfect way to upskill, stay current, and build upon my overseas education and experiences as it allowed me to expand my learning in branding, 3D animation, typography and layout,  photography, video editing, multimedia production, web design, advertising and project management.

I am currently running my own business, freelancing as a graphic designer and communications consultant to small businesses in and around the Greater Geelong and Wyndham regions. I believe the early success of my business can be directly related to The Gordon training me in creating products and services using industry-standard methodologies that were previously missing in my work as a freelancer.

Maria Kelly, Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design
Photo of Maria Kelly, Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design